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February 26, 20210
Seacoast United

HAMPTON, NH – Seacoast United Sports Club is pleased to announce that it will be teaming up with Uptime United to roll out its first ever esports program.

Uptime United is the largest youth esports club in the United States, with players competing from home and at professional esports centers located across the country. Uptime also operates New England’s premier esports arena in Hanover, MA. Established in 2019, the club was founded on four core values that are the pillars of the organization; Balance, Positivity, Teamwork, & Respect. Uptime United was created to dispel old myths about gaming and encourage players of all ages and abilities to be part of a team.

“Seacoast United Sports Club is constantly evolving as an organization and esports is something that we have looked at extensively for the past 12 to 18 months.” Said Vice-President and Chief Operations Officer Ian Burgess. “We have introduced a number of really meaningful initiatives in the past year off the field and esports certainly aligns with where we want to go as a sports organization.” Burgess went on to say, “When we met the guys from Uptime United last summer, we knew immediately that we were talking to the right people.”

Uptime United’s co-founders Sean Quinn and Tim Schneider are relishing the idea of partnering up with one of the largest youth sports organizations in the northeast. “Seacoast United has so many touch points as an organization, and we knew that with our expertise we could put something in place that would open up esports to thousands of young athletes across the region.” Quinn and Schneider both agree that esports will continue to grow, eventually eclipsing some traditional sports in participation. “We are committed to developing young players, providing a pathway to play esports in college and beyond, and providing a team environment where everyone feels welcome.”

Seacoast United Esports will focus on the following key areas:

  • Club Teams: Seacoast United Esports will have club teams ranging between the ages of 6-18. Teams will start competing this spring in Fortnite, Rocket League, and FIFA21. During the season, teams will have regular practices with professional coaches provided by Uptime United, dedicated strategy sessions, post-game analysis, and weekly matches online. This approach has proven beneficial in any team-based sport, and esports is no exception. Each practice also has time for an “AFK” (Away From Keyboard) lesson where they will teach players the importance of fitness, nutrition, stretching, and various mental acuity exercises.
  • Core Values: Seacoast United Esports will be built around the core values of game-life balance, positivity, respect, and teamwork. These values are fundamental to everything that we do, and allow us to operate with integrity and enthusiasm.
  • Fitness, Nutrition, and Mindfulness: Uptime’s dedicated coaching staff lead players to be their best when it comes to gaming, however that doesn’t mean spending every moment in front of a screen. Uptime & Seacoast recognize the need for a healthy mix of proper nutrition, ample fitness opportunities, and mindful practices. Players, coaches, and officials promote and embrace a positive gaming environment, leading to greater creative and social benefits.
  • Professional Coaching: Uptime’s coaches bring a combination of playing experience and coaching that is unmatched in esports today. Their coaches have vast professional and collegiate playing experience, from competing in professional tournaments all over the world for glory, honor, and prize money to competing in the top college conferences in America for scholarships. The coaches have the playing experience required to empower Seacoast United Esports players with the qualities they need to be successful esport athletes. Coaches are certified STEM educational instructors.

The club program is set to launch beginning of April and over the course of the next two months, there will be virtual open houses for interested families to take part in. If you are interested in learning more about Seacoast United Esports and Uptime United, please fill out the Interested Player Form. If you have any further questions related to the program, please email info@uptimeesports.gg, or go to www.uptimeunited.gg/seacoastunited

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