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June 30, 2021
Uptime United has a new logo and identity which will help to provide an even better experience for teams and players


HANOVER, Mass. ─ Brands are always looking to stay up with the times and Uptime United is no different, updating their brand identity with a new logo and overall design. The esports landscape is ever evolving and the top organizations employ simple and modern brand identities that appeal to their vast fanbases. Uptime United felt it was time to update the look of the organization to better align with the industry and continue to provide a top notch experience that also looked good along the way.

The current logo had served its purpose well but an update was in order which prompted the creation of the new logo by the in-house design team. Versatility was one of the key components in the new logo design, allowing for the new mark to be utilized in a multitude of ways and situations that the brand entails. The other main component was creating a recognizable but altogether simplistic design that would fit well into the esports community and represent the brand.


What resulted from that mindset was the logo above. This new “U” logo on its own offers flexibility across multiple mediums as it can be utilized as a one or two color mark in several variations within the updated Uptime United brand identity.

This new logo will now be the primary mark for Uptime United and updates of all properties will soon follow, including graphics, player jerseys and merchandise which will be available in the coming weeks for purchase on our online store.

With the new identity, Uptime United is now even better positioned to build upon the current success and keep pushing to embody our core values of, balance, positivity, respect and teamwork to continue to provide the best experience possible for our teams and players.


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