Venue Fee: $10 Per Player (Free w/ Full Setup)
Singles Fee: $10 Per Player
Doubles Fee: $10 Per Team
Squad Strike Fee: $5 Per Player
Spectator Fee: Free
We accept cash or card. We will not accept payments for this event ahead of time.

Venue Opens: 11:00 AM
Ultimate Doubles/Squad Strike: 12:00 PM
Ultimate Singles: 3:00 PM
Ultimate Singles Top 8: ~6:00 PM
Tournament Ends: ~9:00 PM
Venue Closes: 9:30 PM

Reach New Heights

Join us at our gaming center in Hanover, MA where we will offer Smash Ultimate Singles, Doubles, and Squad Strike at each event that will be live streamed on Twitch. Now hosting Guilty Gear Strive side bracket and Pokemon Go Trainer Battles!
Saturday, November 19th
-$750 Pot Bonus Powered by Merch²
- 10 Dedicated Setups
- Esports Stage Stream Setup
- 4 Open Setups for FULL Venue Discount (Check Venue Discount Guidelines Tab)
- 96 Player Singles Cap
- 32 Team Doubles Cap
- 32 Player Squad Strike Cap
- There will be a $50 addition to the prize pool, funded by G3rd. If we reach over 32 players (after DQs), there will be another $50 added to the prize pool.

Registration must be completed online via start.gg. Registration for each event closes 1 hour before each event's start time.

Contact Us

Phone: (781) 652-4495

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