Uptime Esports can help your college get the idea of an esports program from its infancy to a fully functioning competitive organization.

A collegiate esports program is one of the biggest growth opportunities for a college trying to broaden its appeal and provide opportunities for a new group of students. Uptime Esports can step in and help colleges from the very beginning of the process and lend expertise to the proceedings that will ensure a top-tier successful program from the first day of competition.

What We Can Do For You

Integrate esports into your college's identity and student body as a point of pride.
Provide guidance on adding esports related classes and fields of study at your college.
Handle all staffing requirements for head coaches, assistants, etc.
Create full marketing, social media, apparel and website design with esports flare.
Competitive teams in the most popular titles to make a splash from the beginning.
Provide coaching, curriculum and expertise to launch and sustain a successful program.
Build an esports community for all students with open events and opportunities for all to be involved.
Aid in breaking onto the recruiting scene and navigating the system to find players.

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