Uptime Esports can create high school and middle school esports leagues with you to field teams either in-person or online.

With facilities located in Hanover, MA and Bedford, NH the Uptime Esports gaming arenas can accommodate players of all levels and are fully equipped with state of the art equipment including pc stations with all peripherals, high end gaming chairs, headsets and high speed internet to support the games. In addition to the facility Uptime also provides coaching and lessons for students of all ages in the related gaming and esports titles. Coaches are certified and trained via the Uptime United coaching academy and other esports organizations. Allowing players the opportunity to play in an organized league improves their skills and raises the ability for them to receive a piece of the hundreds of thousands of dollars offered in collegiate esports scholarships.

What we offer

Create High school and middle school divisions depending on your needs.
Eight week seasons coinciding with school year (Fall, winter and spring).
One practice and match per week, scheduled and overseen by Uptime United professional coaches.
Hybrid in-person and online model following our esports specific curriculum developed by Director of Coaching, Jon Gargoshian, and staff technical directors.
Create leagues within districts and across areas that cover regional conferences.
Players weekly match statistics tracked and displayed on league website.
Season ending Champions Series pro-style tournament to determine league winners.
Flexibility for players to compete in-person or online for the season.

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