EducationEsportsHanover MAChess Class May/June – With Women International Master “Prathiba Y Gounder”


DATES:  May 1–June 5


Beginner – 5:30-6:30pm

Intermediate – 6:30-7:30pm


Beginner | 5:30PM-6:30PM | Ages 5-8: Kids will learn about movement of pieces, check, checkmate, beginner tactics and strategies. The class will be 30min of lesson time and 30min of supervised playtime. All materials will be provided, you may bring your own pencil in case of any chess puzzles to be done.

Intermediate | 6:30PM-7:30PM | Ages 7-14: Kids will learn about intermediate – advanced tactics and strategies for opening, middle game and endgame. We do fun tournament at the end of each session. The class will be 30 min of lesson time and 30 min of supervised playtime. All materials will be provided.


About Me From Women International Master  “Prathiba Y Gounder”

I have been playing chess for more than 16 years. I am an International Woman Master and have strong chess skills. I have trained various kids from beginners to intermediate. My current FIDE rating is 2196 and USCF rating is 2266.

Currently teaching at various recreation programs at Lexington, Bedford, Belmont and Westford. Also working with schools in Newton , Boxford , Bedford and Topsfield. I am actively teaching kids for the past 10 years.


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