EducationHanover MADigital Game Design Homeschool


DATES: Fridays, May 6–June 10


TIME: 12-1PM

AGES: 8-13 years old

CAPACITY: 10 student min., 20 max.



This 6 week course introduces students to The Unreal Engine, a game development platform that’s great for creating 2D and 3D games. Some of the most important skills acquired in the class are scene and character design, computer programming, story crafting and writing, a bit of physics and math, and, most importantly, imagination. With a basic knowledge of this platform, students can begin to think about how to create worlds for different platforms, like tablets, PCs, laptops, virtual reality, and beyond. These skills can easily be applied to other disciplines, like graphic design, architecture, physics, math, computer programming, fine arts, writing, and engineering.  We will be happy to equip you with the skills needed to empower your creativity!

This class is offered in partnership with Tinker & Create, LLC.


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