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DATES: Tuesdays, May 10–May 24



Looking to get into streaming and content creation? Look no further! This program will teach you all about the basics of content creation, streaming, and creating your own brand! We will go over the basics from building your brand, to setting up your stream and content accounts, to content creation and driving viewership. Use this program to start your path toward being a content creator!



Week 1 – Creating your brand
  • Arguably one of the most important parts of steaming and content creation is creating a brand. Being unique and standing out is extremely important in a sea of thousands of streamers.
  • Create a Logo
  • Create Social Platforms, or use your personal ones (personal ones are usually preferred as they most likely already have followers; TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Twitch).
  • Create Bio, Chat Rules, etc.
  • Post about it! Make sure you have links to all of your platforms on everything! Will help people find you on all platforms!
Week 2 – Setting up your stream
  • Choose a streaming platform, along with a broadcast software (OBS and Streamlabs OBS are the most popular). 
  • Go through the process of scene creation, adding sources, setting up an audio mixer.
  • Alerts, Bot Mods, Channel Points walkthrough.
Week 3 – Content creation and driving viewership
  • Go over how to drive viewership, utilizing all of your platforms to bring in viewership.
  • “Recycle content” – using the same content multiple times
  • Using software to edit, and making your content easy to share.

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