EducationHanover MAMinecraft Academy – Challenge Session 1


DATES: Mondays, November 28–January 9

TIME: 4:30pm–5:30pm

This 6 week program is designed to help your child use creativity, teamwork, and problem solving skills to complete educational challenges using minecraft!



Week 1: Build A Tree House – Work individually or in teams to create your own treehouse. Try to create a functional shelter within the branches of a nearby tree.  Challenge yourself by setting a time limit. Don’t forget a ladder or stairs to get in!

Week 2: Bridge Builders – Children collaborate using their knowledge of bridges and symmetry to construct realistic bridges across the ravine in Minecraft.

Week 3: Gone Fishing! – Grab your fishing rod and head out onto the water! Use this Minecraft world to get started tracking your fishing successes.

Week 4: Physics Coaster – Demonstrate the first law of thermodynamics by using the transfer of potential energy to kinetic energy with a minecart roller coaster! Create your own track and identify points at which a car has maximum kinetic energy and maximum potential energy.

Week 5: The Labyrinth – Create your own labyrinth in Minecraft then have your partner try to navigate their way through. Look up examples of labyrinths. Work with a partner. Each create your own labyrinth in Minecraft. Switch to survival and have your partner try to navigate their way through.

Week 6: My Machine – Investigate cause and effect relationships. Explore and dissect the machines in this world then create your own project, stating your goal and creating a machine to achieve the intended result.


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