Bedford NHEducationPC Design & Build Camp


DATES: April 26–April 28

TIME: 1:00pm–4:00pm


Interested in building a PC but don’t know where to start? Look no further! Our Design and Build camp will teach you the basics of building a PC, all the way to designing and building a PC through an application to prepare you with the skills and knowledge to build your own! This program will go over each component inside a PC, the importance of each component and what they do, and how to assemble them all together!



Day 1 – Introduction to PC building and design:
  • Go into parts: Case, Motherboard, CPU, PSU, GPU, RAM, SSD, HDD, Fans, AIO, Coolers, etc.
  • Importance of each part, what each part does.
  • Compatibility of parts, “clock speed”, other terminology on how it works.
  • Appearance vs Actual Use
  • Using our spare parts or a PC we are not currently using, can showcase the parts.
Day 2 – Designing your own PC through software:
  • Can use PC Parts Picker and PC Builder to pick out parts on your PC as well as design the look and aesthetic of your build.
  • Can make sure each selected part is compatible with each other and that the PC will actually run.
Day 3 – Build your own PC”:
  • Utilizing the build your own PC software, customize and assemble your virtual PC, making sure that you follow the steps to ensure that it “runs”
  • Using the spare parts provided, a live DIY assembly of a PC can be done, showcasing how the process works and how fragile certain components can be.

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