Student Gamer Group Tier 1


Session 1: September 19th-November11th
Time: 3:00pm-5:00pm
2 Days Per Week (Monday-Thursday)
28 Total Hours Across 7 Weeks


The SGG is a new program designed to instill student-gamers with accountability and motivation to get their work done before unwinding with some games. In this program, students can get their assignments done or work on exciting new projects like creating a video game! In a day as part of the SGG, your student will get:

-1 hour dedicated to doing homework/studying/projects from
-1 hour dedicated to playing their favorite games
-A productive environment free of distractions
-Access to high end equipment
-Access and guidance in advanced STEAM applications
-New friends and teammates!


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    Phone: (781) 652-4495

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