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DATES: July 18th-22nd


LOCATION: Uptime Academy Hanover, Exeter or Online

Want to improve on your VALORANT game? Uptime Academy’s five day camp will take you through the process of making yourself a better player! Starting with aim focused training and individual skill development early in the week, and ending with teamwork plays, this camp will transform the way you play the game!

Day 1: Aim Labs Valorant Specific Drills, Scrims
Day 2: How To Deathmatch Properly, Scrims
Day 3: Positioning and Why it is Important, Scrims
Day 4: Utilizing Utility Correctly, Scrims
Day 5: Playing Together and Teamwork, how it makes a big difference

Uptime Academy has locations in Bedford, NH; Exeter, NH and Hanover, MA.


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