The Academy program is a dedicated program to elevate and take kids to the next level. Currently in the club we have players of all different types of skill, from players that are relatively new to their game of choice, to players that are in the top tier of rank, playing together in the same lobbies. While it is cool that we have a wide variety of players, it is very hard to create a competitive experience for both. Our solution to this is the Academy Program, which creates a team for each game of our best players. This program takes these players and pushes them to the next level, competing in tournaments and playing against some of the best competition out there in college teams and low tier pro teams.

Why would you want to play on an Academy Team?

The Academy program is for those players who are extremely passionate about pursuing a career competing in esports. The purpose of these teams are to play against elite level competition while also building more advanced skills that the club can offer. Playing on this team requires players to be passionate and focused about getting better and pushing

What Is The Value?

The value for the Academy Program can be slightly different from game to game. For the price of $299, all the programs have extraordinary value with the following included:

- Dedicated Coach that has a deep understanding of the game and a passion for Esports.
- Compete in tournaments/events against elite competition (College - Tier 3/4 Pro or above usually on weekends)
- Pro/College Styled Practices with weekly assignments
- Deep Vod Reviews of Scrims/Matches/Tournaments
- Strategy Books
- Content Days/Opportunities- Being Part of the Organization

These are just some of the things that are part of the Academy Program at its core. However, like most things in life, you get out what you put in. Players that are really focused and dedicated will get even more value from this program.

SCHEDULES - Subject to Change


Monday: Match Day
Tuesday: Practice

Rocket League

Wednesday: Match Day
Thursday: Practice


Wednesday: Practice
Thursday: Match Day
TBD Optional Day for Vod Review and Strat Walkthrough.



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