Uptime United is committed to providing young gamers a pathway to pursue esports at the highest levels . Our curriculum has been designed by our STEM & NFHS certified professional coaches, in collaboration with our university partner, New England Institute of Technology.  Everything is centered around our core values of teamwork, respect, positivity and game/life balance.  Players learn about developing the healthy habits needed to become outstanding esports athletes.  We incorporate topics focused on nutrition, fitness, leadership skills, teamwork, strategy formulation and critical thinking.  Our curriculum helps our players succeed far beyond the gaming arena.

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Uptime United incorporates our club values into everything we do. Special attention is paid to these values during practice and match days, but players are expected to uphold these values throughout their daily lives.


Players understand they need a healthy game and life balance when it comes to being in the arena and outside of it, giving equal time to gaming, fitness, nutrition, and rest.  Each of those is key to being efficient, organized, resilient, and positive.


Players, coaches, and officials promote and embrace a positive gaming environment, leading to greater creativity and social benefits. Players feel more connected to others when they experience positive emotions.


Players will respect opponents, officials, teammates, the games, and, most importantly, themselves. Using good manners, being considerate of others, and dealing with adversity in a professional and courteous manner are all crucial for being a great player.


Players will work together with good communication and a common focus on goals and results. Everyone contributes and offers support to each other. Diversity, leadership, and organization are all a part of a great team.


Players on Uptime Club teams practice and compete each in-person at esports centers, or online from home. Practices occur on weekday evenings depending on the team and competitive matches are on Saturday afternoons, all led by certified professional coaches.

Players are able to register and play on teams for Fortnite, Rocket League and Valorant. Each game is offered at different locations around the country, allowing players the chance to experience a state of the art esports arena, as well as compete alongside teammates to build friendships and camaraderie. If you are outside the range of one of our arenas, we have online options available to ensure that all players get to experience being a part of a team and can build their skills.

Uptime United competes in the National Esports Champions League (NECL).  The NECL runs a fall, winter, and spring season each year. Each week during the season, Uptime United teams compete against other teams from all over the country, building to a championship tournament where the NECL crowns a national champion.  The NECL also hosts professional style tournaments during the season, offering winners an opportunity to try out for a place on the Uptime United Professional Teams.


Our coaches are the heart of the club and bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and training to the organization. Uptime United announced in June 2019 the hiring of our first coach Jonathan “reVo” Gargoshian, who was elevated to Director of Coaching in 2020. A former 6-time North American champion and pro FPS player, “reVo” traveled the world playing in tournaments and esports events.

We have upwards of 15 coaches, with more being added on a regular basis to better serve our teams, each with game title specialties and accreditations to be able to effectively teach and elevate the teams in their charge.

Our coaches are in facilities all over the U.S. and include former FPS pros, college coaches, and college all-stars. The hand picked Uptime United coaches have STEM and NHFS accreditations and embody the core values of Balance, Positivity, Teamwork and Respect.


New England Institute of Technology is a unique university specializing in “hands-on” learning in the digital world.

Located in Rhode Island, NEIT is our educational partner assisting in the design of our healthy curriculum, creating parent-facing education programs, and is the host of our Rhode Island Uptime team in their brand new state-of-the-art esports center in the heart of their beautiful campus.


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