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Jonathan “reVo” Gargoshian was a 6-time North American national esports champion. He has traveled all over the world competing in numerous international championships in Thailand, Indonesia, Russia and Turkey. With over 9 years’ experience in the esports scene as both a professional player and coach, reVo has left his mark in each game he competes in. Whether it be establishing a professional-level roster or developing teams to compete at a high caliber, reVo is tenacious about advancing the esports scene and taking Uptime United players to new heights.



Herbert “Herblore” Cuevas is a lifelong gamer with a fascination for playing games at the highest level. He started his competitive gaming career over 10 years ago, playing Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare via Gamebattles and online tournaments. He played other games competitively like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Pokemon, Rocket League and now he currently plays Fortnite. Herbert believes that playing video games at the professional level requires a healthy lifestyle that facilitates being able to play for long periods of time but also allows you to excel in other facets of life. Nutritious diets, physical fitness, and engaging in social activities with friends and family, makes the most well rounded players. Inevitably, these experiences and ideas brought him to coaching and wanting to promote esports as a hobby and career that is viable for anyone willing to put the time in.



Jonah “Jatmon” Russell has been a competitor since he was young. He participated in football, basketball, and baseball starting at 8 years old. After a knee injury left him unable to play his junior year of high school, he found esports as a competitive outlet. He began playing Fortnite as it became a global sensation. Immediately getting involved in the competitive scene, he sought to learn everything about the game. Jatmon went to compete for a few seasons, but found a greater passion in coaching. Coaching peers, friends, and people in his Twitch chat, Jatmon would lead several players to top 200 placements in tournaments. He is now very excited to be taking his passion for coaching to Uptime United.



“SSJ” Eric Medeiros has been gaming for most of his life dating back to the age of 5, he has a passion for many game genres which include but aren’t limited to, RPGs, first person shooters
and sports games. He has been gaming competitively for 10 years now starting with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 where he competed in game battles and was a top 100 player on the leaderboards for the Search and Destroy game mode; He was also scouted by some of the top competitive sniping teams at the time. He’s been playing Fortnite since the game first released
and has been competing in tournaments since the beginning. He’s qualified for multiple FNCS semi finals weeks in solos and team game modes and has earned prize money in Winter Royale Duos. He has extensive wager match experience which include Zone Wars and Box Fights. He is looking forward to working while doing what he loves and helping people of all skill levels and guiding them to success and helping them reach their full potential.



Charlie “chuegi” Huegi has been a gamer his whole life. After being introduced to video games by his dad, Charlie has played almost everything from Super Mario on the Super Nintendo to Valorant on PC. Charlie played collegiate baseball at UMass Boston, as well as coached kids of all ages. After college Charlie worked at 3Step Sports where he helped structure and execute sporting events all over the United States. Being the competitor that he is, he found esports as an avenue for both his passions and hopes to bring a new form and insight into the esports space.


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